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Marcy Bueti

Bean Counter

My name is Marcy Bueti. I like to provide better and more accurate financial reporting to management, retain and develop employees through my hands on management style, and lastly, I work with the customer in mind at all times.

I love taking raw financial data and transforming it into valuable information that helps management better understand the health of a company. This often involves converting “boring numbers” into pictures that resonate with the audience since most people are visual learners.

My tools of choice are tools that most small businesses don’t use effectively– Excel and QuickBooks. I have worked hard to truly understand these applications so I can use them effectively and for the benefit of management. I have converted accounting records on a new install of QuickBooks.

During my career, I have been responsible for all accounting, payroll and human resource oversights. I have also conducted Sarbanes Oxley Financial Audit, Operational and Environmental Health and Safety Audits.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Arizona State University.

I have traveled to Japan, Greece and Italy (amongst many other destinations!). I am an Orchid enthusiast, an epicurean of good food and drink and enjoy spending time with my family.


Andrea McClellan

Number Cruncher

My name is Andrea McClellan. Prior to co-founding Virtually in the Black I worked in the environmental waste management business as well as in the automotive insurance and aircraft maintenance industry. My concept for creating the company came from my experience where I needed additional support with bookkeeping, accounting and analysis services to better manage operations without the need for additional cost to payroll.

I am a Texas native from Gainesville. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2004 and am also a CPA.

I currently reside in the Dallas area and enjoy outdoor activities with my Belgian Shepherd Malinois, staying connected with family and friends and a good cup of coffee.

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